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Lithic Tree

Lithic Tree

A search for natural stereotomy

Auteur(s) : Giuseppe Fallacara, Claudia Calabria

ISBN : 978-2-85978-484-3, 2014

20 x 20

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"So we continue our attempts; although imperfect, the will demonstrate that there is still so much do in the art of construction and that there is still so much do in the art of construction and that architecture will not take on a new form if she doesn't honestly submit to the new processes of our age. (...) We have demonstrated in what manner the vault thrusts could be removed through a system of steel tie rods, (...) This is nothing more that the application of iron in the ancient way of building".


Viollet-le-Duc, Entretiens, 1863.



These basic principles gave birth to the "Lithic Tree", a tribute to the fossilization process and lithic transformation, a careful observation of natural phenomena and human modeling and adaptation, an experimental project aimed at the creation of a pattern element suitable for the creation of vaulted spaces and/or diaphanous. "Lithic Tree" refers to a tree-like strcuture with a cantilevered lithic crown, made up of separated stone elements held together with a special steel reinforcement, favouring an optimal working compression dynamic between the voussoirs.

The common thread that has guided the design of "Lithic Tree" is based on the fundamental dialectic about the opposites terms lightness of the forms to which the project aims.

The project approach can be considered as a synthesis between the sculptural soul of the Doric fluted column and the spatial impulse of the Gothic vault, mediated through technological innovation that translates meaning and significance on a different language level compared with the historical condition.



Chapter I: Lithic tree, a search for natural stereotomy

Chapter II: The lithic tree as a "new generation of branched structures"

Chapter III: From conception to finished product: digital fabrication and architectural techniques of stone prototype

Chapter IV: Parametrization of form

Chapter V: Structural simulation of the lithic tree behavior

Chapter VI: Workshop: stereotomy, new and old practices

Chapter VII: Practical experiences in other school of stereotomy


The sexpartite vault in the Architecture School of Madrid

Didactic experiences about stone: Mecastone


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Lithic Tree - A search for natural stereotomy

Lithic Tree

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