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Stone Architecture and New Research

Auteur(s) : Giuseppe Fallacara

ISBN : 978-2-85978-468-3, 2012

320 pages ; 23,5 x 23,5 cm ; broché

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The age of stone architecture is timeless and has prehistoric roots; it reaches beyond all trends and tendencies; it avoids that sense of transience that mark most contemporary architecture; and, at the time, it inspires our most varied reflections and experiments, wether of constructive elements or small architectonic works. This book seeks to give a logical and chronological order to those reflections. Through our contribution to the development of stone architecture, we wish to emphasis that there is much still to be investigated and invented with stone, whereby we mean the enthusiastic rediscovery of those techniques and processes that time has forgotten but that hold, nonetheless, promise for the future.



Giuseppe Fallacara (Bitonto 1973)


PhD in Architectural Design since 2004. Assistant Professor since 2005 at the Department dICAR of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Bari, where he teaches Architectural Design and The History of Steretomy. Author of numerous articles on updating architecture in stone cutting and monographs:


  • G. Fallacara, Stereotomia Ri-composta. Evoluzione di una disciplina che insegna a costruire lo spazio. Aracne Editrice, Roma, 2012.
  • G. Fallacara (with U. Occhinegro), Puglia - Castel del monte. Nuova ipotesi comparata sull'identità del monumento. Gangemi editore, Roma, 2012.
  • G. Fallacara, Domus Benedictae. Villa unifamiliare a Corato, PolibaPress/Architectura, Artigrafiche Favia, Bari, 2010.
  • G. Fallacara (with R. Etlin e L. Tamborero) Plaited Stereotomy - Stone Vaults for the Modern World, Aracne Editrice, Roma, 2008.
  • G. Fallacara, Verso una progettazione stereotomica. Nozioni di stereotomia, stereotomia digitale e trasformazioni topologiche: ragionamenti intorno alla costruzione della forma, Aracne Editrice, Roma, 2007.
  • G. Fallacara (with C. D'Amato), L'Arte della Stereotomia. I Companons du Devoir e le meraviglie della costruzione in pietra, Librairie du Compagnonagge, Parigi, 2005.



The 'lightness of weight' in stone masonry construction.

Reflections on recent architectural research by Giuseppe Fallacara

Claudio D'Amato



The return of the Ghosts

Giuseppe Fallacara



Stereotomy: The Paradox of an Acrobatic Architecture

Richard Etlin


Chapter 1

For a History of Modern Stereotomy: 1951-2011

Giuseppe Fallacara


Catalog 1

Sixteen Prototypes of Modern Stereotomy

Giuseppe Fallacara


Chapter 2

Towards a Sustainable Design Project

Marco Sigliano


Catalog 2

Sustainable Stone Architecture

Giuseppe Fallacara - Marco Stigliano




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Stereotomy - Stone Architecture and New Research - Giusepp Fallacara

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