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Financing of major infrastructure and public service projects

Financing of major infrastructure and public service projects

Public-Private Partnership

Auteur(s) : Gautier Chatelus, Jean-Yves Perrot

ISBN : 2-85978-328-8, 2000

392 p., 17 x 24, broché

Source : Perrot J.-Y., Chatelus G. (Eds)

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Reliance upon delegated management, concessions or any other form of public-private partnership, in meeting ever-increasing demands in the areas of infrastructure and public services, has become a vital tool in modernizing the world's economy. French firms have played a major role in stimulating these developments, through applying their tremendous experience in this field to a wide range of countries. Such experience has been garnered by virtue of the partnerships entered into with French public authorities as well as by technological prowess in designing innovative and well-adapted project set-ups. This book draws upon the wealth of previous ventures in order to share lessons with both public and private actors across the globe. Emphasis has been placed on:

– the basic principles leading to successful partnerships from an economic, legal and financial vantage point ; – the processes of contract preparation, award and execution;

– a set of recommendations derived over the course of considerable practice;

– sector-by-sector descriptions of partnership implementation, bolstered by case studies of partnerships developed for a broad array of transportation and public service projects throughout the world.

This publication, which represents a compilation of diverse contributions from the field submitted by business, consulting groups, public authorities and financial organizations, has been intended to help clarify public-private partnership-building strategies and distinguish future trends in the aim of offering public authorities if not an actual delegated-management user's manual, at least some sound guidelines for building sector-specific partnerships.


Public-private partnership in the construction and management of major infrastructure and public services – Conditions for a successful public-private partnership – Concessions in the field of transportation – Delegated management of municipal services – Close up: Theoritical framework and perspective of multilateral organizations


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